St. Xavier's High School
School Infrastructure



St. Xavier’s school’s plot area covers 15228 sq. meters, wherein the school building covers 2159.15 sq. meters in each of its floors. It is ergonomically designed to suit the children's need for space, light, and facilities are tailored to their size and capabilities. It is located near the Ahmedabad International Airport

The school building is designed keeping in mind the ventilation in each classroom. Broad staircases, wide corridors and spacious classrooms are some of the key features of the building, which make it safe and easy to access. Adequate toilets, pure drinking water facility on each floor helps students return to their classes faster. A central courtyard accommodates entire school at a time.


Our school has a spacious playground with a pavilion. The School recognizes the need to nurture talent in students from an early age. It inspires them to take on the challenges of life and exhibit the spirit of competition and sportsmanship. The school is equipped with the games like Basket ball, football, volleyball, handball, badminton, skating, Cricket, Tennis, Kabadi, Kho-Kho and Skipping.

Both boys and girls are encouraged to perform not only at the school level but also at the district, national and international levels. The Sports Department and the games teachers play a very significant role in not only nurturing the student’s talent on the sports field but also in developing all facets of the student’s personality.


The School has separate parking lot for both the students and the staff to park their vehicles.   We have a Security Guard to take care of the vehicles.

ANIMAL LOVERS' ROOM (Birds, Rabbits)

To create love and compassion for the animals and birds, the School has a beautiful place for them. Children love and enjoy to spend time with them during their break and even after the day’s study and have fun.